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Küchenwaage | ADE KE2301

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Digital Kitchen Scale | ADE KE2301

Discover the new generation of kitchen scales: Precise, environmentally friendly, and always ready for use. Our digital kitchen scale combines innovative technology with sustainable design. It doesn’t need batteries because it can be conveniently charged via the included USB cable. Even during the charging process, it remains fully functional, and thanks to the practical display, you always have the charging status in view.

This scale is not only a useful helper in the kitchen but also a statement for environmental protection: Made from 99% recycled plastic and delivered in a completely plastic-free packaging, it sets new standards in sustainability. With a capacity of up to 15 kg and precise measurement in 1g increments, it allows you to weigh ingredients for any recipe accurately. The switchable units (g, lb:oz, ml, fl:oz) offer additional flexibility for various cooking and baking requirements.

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Digitale Bathroom Scale with XXL Display | ADE BE1723-2 Katharina

The Large One: Not a single gram goes unnoticed on the extra-large XXL display. With its oversized viewing window, the digital scale is a big deal, especially for older people. The illuminated display of the bathroom scale and the digits themselves are unmistakably large. With so much generosity, the design of the digital body scale remains discreet: with simple white, toughened safety glass.

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Mini waffle maker | ADE KG2344

Discover the joy of waffle making anew with our Mini Waffle Maker – perfect for anyone who loves the indulgence of fresh, homemade Belgian waffles but doesn’t have much space in the kitchen. Whether you live in a single household, are planning a small party, or celebrating a children’s birthday, our waffle maker is the ideal solution.
Easy and safe to use: Our waffle maker is equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating, ensuring that your waffles do not stick and allowing you to clean the device in no time. The indicator light shows you when the perfect temperature is reached, so you achieve perfect results every time. The Cool Touch handle ensures that you don’t burn yourself when opening and closing the device, while the non-slip feet guarantee a secure grip.

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Mini-waffle maker | ADE KG2345

Discover the joy of baking heart-shaped waffles with our Mini Waffle Maker – the perfect way to share love and joy. Whether for a romantic breakfast, as a sweet surprise for your loved ones, or for special occasions, our waffle maker makes every moment unique.
Easy and safe to use: Our waffle maker is equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating, ensuring that your waffles do not stick and you can clean the device in no time. The indicator light shows you when the perfect temperature is reached, so you achieve perfect results every time. The Cool Touch handle ensures that you don’t burn yourself when opening and closing the device, while the non-slip feet guarantee a secure grip.

XXL Waffeleisen | ADE KA2304

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XXL Waffle Iron | ADE KA2304

Discover the simple joy of baking Belgian waffles with our XL waffle iron. This appliance is specifically designed for lovers of the classic Belgian waffle and allows you to bake three round waffles with a diameter of 13 cm simultaneously. With its 1,200 watt power, your waffles are ready in just 3-6 minutes – perfect for making quick and delicious snacks, especially when time is of the essence.

Easy cleaning is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we equipped the triple waffle iron with a high-quality non-stick coating. This not only makes it easy to release the waffles from the molds but also ensures that the appliance is quickly cleaned – simply wipe with a damp cloth, dry, and you’re done.

Schokoladen-Fondue | ADE KG2152

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Electric chocolate fondue | ADE KG2152

Homemade bread is the epitome of pleasure. This is where the ADE bread machine with its numerous functions comes into play.
Simply add the ingredients: the rest is taken care of by the bread machine with its wide variety of programs. There are eight bread baking programs to choose from: basic and quick program, white bread, whole wheat bread, rice bread, sweet or gluten-free bread, and manual baking. In addition to three levels of browning (light, medium, dark), three sizes can be selected: 500, 750, and 1000 grams.
It’s also possible to wake up in the morning to the aroma of freshly baked bread and still sleep in. Through the timer, you can program up to 15 hours in advance when the loaves should be ready. The automatic keep-warm function is also practical and can be set for up to 60 minutes.
No need for an additional device to prepare pizza dough and cakes. The automatic also comes into play with programs for mixing and kneading the dough. Only for baking, these doughs are placed in the oven.
The ADE bread machine can do even more: prepare delicious jams, fine desserts, yogurt, and sticky rice, as well as thaw and sauté. Everything is preprogrammed for success and always remains quiet thanks to the DC motor.
The bread pan and the sturdy kneading paddle are non-stick coated, the device housing is made of high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel with a viewing window in the lid. Program and runtime display are provided on the LCD display. The comprehensive accessories include a measuring cup, measuring spoon, and a hook for removing the kneading paddle.

Schokoladen-Fondue | ADE KG2152

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Electric chocolate fondue XL | ADE KG2352

Our electric chocolate fondue XL set with 8 forks from ADE offers two temperatures to choose from: Melt & Keep Warm. Alternatively, it can serve as a tempering device for chocolate and chocolate coating. The Teflon-coated bowl 500ml is removable and dishwasher safe.

Manuelle Nudelmaschine inkl. Nudeltrockner | ADE KG2102 - RückansichtOut of stock

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Manual Pasta Machine with pasta drying rack | ADE KG2102

Fresh homemade pasta – with the ADE manual pasta machine, it really becomes a breeze thanks to the metal crank. For fresh lasagna sheets, simply pass the dough through the pasta roller. For spaghetti (width 1.5 mm) and fettuccine (width 6.6 mm), the included cutting attachment is mounted. Seven dough thicknesses are available, adjustable using the knob on the side.

Before the pasta maker is put into operation, it is securely attached. The sturdy table clamp ensures that the device is safely fixed to the table or countertop. All components of the pasta machine – base unit, roller, attachment, crank, and clamp – are made of robust materials: stainless steel or nickel-plated carbon steel. The handle on the hand crank is coated with high-quality ABS plastic, providing a comfortable grip during use.

To dry the homemade pasta, simply place them on the rungs of the wooden drying rack. The foldable plug-in system offers 8 rungs, each 21 centimeters long, and can be assembled quickly. For cleaning the rollers and attachment, a bristle brush is included in the package. ADE offers a 2-year warranty.

Kitchen Appliances | ADE KA1802 - diagonal mit Reiben

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Electric Grater | ADE KA1802

A freshly prepared vitamin boost guarantees a good start to the day – the electric juice and citrus press from ADE effortlessly squeezes fresh fruit juice in no time. As soon as the fruit is pressed onto the cone, the powerful 60-watt motor starts working. Thanks to the automatic clockwise and counterclockwise rotation as well as a start-stop mechanism, the fruit is carefully and effectively squeezed. The two-sized press cones leave no fruit desires unfulfilled – from small limes to large oranges, anything is possible.

The sieve insert captures coarse fruit pulp and seeds, ensuring that only delicious juice flows into the one-liter glass carafe. Thanks to the practical drip-stop feature, annoying juice remnants after removing the press are prevented. The beautiful glass carafe has a convenient pouring spout and looks great on the breakfast table. But that’s not all: The glass container can also be used separately as a measuring cup, thanks to its measuring scale (ml/oz). Particularly practical: Both the carafe and all removable parts are dishwasher-safe, eliminating the need for laborious manual cleaning.

The glass juice container, as well as the motor housing made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, make the ADE juice and citrus press an elegant eye-catcher in any kitchen. The transparent dust cover made of ABS plastic will probably be rarely used – who would want to store such a kitchen helper in the cupboard for long?

Digital Bathroom Scale | ADE BE1510 OliviaOut of stock

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Digital Bathroom Scale | ADE BE1510 Olivia

Energetic – the Olivia glass scales with classic transparent weighing surface and rounded, silver foundation. Tempered safety glass, easy-to-read display, overload and battery status indicators, as well as automatic switch-off strengthen these scales even more to make them one of the top-players amongst the glass scales.

Wecker| ADE CK2308

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XL radio-controlled clock with dual alarm and thermo- / hygrometer | ADE CK2308

The XL radio-controlled desk clock, ADE CK 2113: For clear visibility – high-contrast and extra-large display with backlight. On the large, clear XL LCD display, the current date with day display in seven languages, temperature in °C, and humidity thanks to the integrated hygrometer are also shown. In addition, two different set alarms can be configured with the dual alarm, and the hassle of switching between daylight saving and standard time is eliminated, as this ADE radio-controlled clock with XL display does it all automatically.

Funkwecker | ADE CK2112

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Radio-controlled clock | ADE CK2112

Intelligent Multitalent – with night light sensor for gentle illumination, dual alarm with sensor snooze button, and temperature display. Whether in use on the go as a travel alarm clock or as a clock on the home nightstand, with two different adjustable alarm times, clear display of date and day of the week in 7 languages, and temperature display in °C and °F, it’s a true all-rounder. The time is displayed in either 12 or 24-hour mode using DCF time signal. The adjustment for daylight saving time and standard time is also done automatically via radio signal.

Hygrometer | ADE WS2310-2

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Hygrometer with Mould Alert | ADE WS2310-2

Experience a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with ADE’s digital hygrometer. This innovative moisture measuring device not only continuously monitors the humidity in your space but also alerts you audibly with a mold alarm when the measured temperature exceeds a threshold that you can set individually. Additionally, the device provides a visual display of five different humidity levels – from “too humid” to “too dry” – based on the measured relative humidity. This way, you always have full control over your indoor climate and can proactively take measures to prevent mold formation and unhealthy air conditions.